The Marketplace Automation Platform

Embley is a Marketplace Automation Platform that helps marketplace businesses market and sell their products better and faster.

What did we do?

We worked together with strategise, design, and build the Embley platform in partnership with their in-house team.


  • Web


  • PM & Strategy
  • UX/UI Design
  • Frontend Development
  • Next.js


  • End to end product development
  • Web application

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Building a startup in months with Embley

Embley, a Marketplace Automation Platform, empowers marketplace businesses to manage their businesses and stay financially compliant.

Initially, they approached Lucky Duck for a product design engagement to assist their in-house team in defining the Ledger app's UX/UI and overall product.

Delighted by their experience and awarding us a perfect NPS score, Embley returned to enlist our help in building out the frontend infrastructure for the Ledger app, accelerating their startup's launch to market before a key piece of EU legislation came into action.

Delightful SaaS UX/UI

Designing a clear and easy-to-navigate user interface for SaaS products with extensive functionality is crucial, especially when accommodating diverse customer needs, various data sets, and multiple stores.

By implementing UI best practices, we crafted delightful tables, navigation, search, and reporting interfaces that simplify marketplace management for Ledger users.

Embley Filings

Reactive and responsive

When creating a business-critical product, it's crucial to present vital information prominently as soon as users log in. To achieve this, we implemented micro-interactions, a comprehensive UI colour system, and a clear visual hierarchy within design components. We accommodated various user types by optimising layouts for tablet and mobile devices, focusing on maximising information visibility in compact spaces.

Our filtering, lazy loading, and search system provided reactivity, establishing Embley and Ledger as a best-in-class product.

Embley Dashboard

This project offered us the opportunity to learn new technologies and grow our skills, as well as enhancing our knowledge of tools we were more familiar with.

Our carefully curated tech stack means COSAC can provide a service that far exceeds their initial expectations of what the platform was capable of, and far outperforms the previous system.

Teamwork makes the dreams work

Collaborating with Embley's in-house backend team and CTO, we worked within their existing daily stand-ups to develop the frontend web application seamlessly.

Our approach to communication and technical challenges made it a breeze for both parties to ask questions and provide feedback, resulting in a highly collaborative and successful project.

To handle business-critical data at scale, we utilized NextJS and Vercel for Embley's Ledger product. Our choice of technology ensured a highly scalable and performant frontend infrastructure, capable of adapting to the growing needs of Embley's business and their customers.

Our approach ensured a reliable and robust solution for managing business-critical data.

Laurent Embley

Talent wins games, but teamwork win championships. Lucky Duck's people have talent and deliver a shippable product as a team.

Laurent Christen CEO, Embley / Dark Ventures